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Never came yesterday!

June 21st, 2009

Well I was wrong again, surprise surprise!!!! Yep never came yesterday in the form of a four pound nine week old shihchon male. And let me tell you he is already winning the hearts of all. Titan joined our family abourt four p.m. yesterday. Courtney and I said he was Tony’s fathers day present, but Tony said he thinks he is more of a Families day present.(Tony is probably right, but don’t let him fool you, he likes Titan too.) We all still miss our little Casey dog, and agree that Titan has big paws to fill but he is worming his way into all our hearts anyways!!!! So you see never say never, cause for me NEVER came yesterday


Your not the only one!!!!!!

May 8th, 2009

Well just wanted to take a minute to say HI to everyone. Dad your not the only one who comes to this page, I check it everyday now. I just haven’t taken the time to do any blogging. Everyone in Colorado is doing great, just really busy. Nate is giong away this weekend with his girlfriend Anna, and her family. They have a ranch about two and a half hours from here. Should be fun, I hope he behaves. Courtney has a softball tourney this weekend. Her team is doing fairly well, they will be better however when their coach returns.(he had back surgery) The girls play at a much higher intensity when Nick is there. Keegan is having a great baseball season. His team has only lost one season game. They play tonight, no tourney this weekend for him. Tony has been really busy with work and school. His last final is on Monday, so he will have a little more time when that is over. He is an amazing man, don’t know how he does it, but he does. Me, well all is the same. Love my family, MISS my Big B. and busy, busy!!!!!

Love to all……Wendy



March 13th, 2009

Cayse Cayse

Well, as I sit here I don’t even really know what to say. I watched Courtney blog this morning and was in awe that she could write anything. When I questioned her about it she answered it was a good way to express her feelings. What an amazing young lady!!!! As you all are aware of our family had to say good bye to an important part of our family last night, Casey Dumbdog. Dumb she was not. That little girl brought more joy and happiness to us all, she will be greatly missed. It is crazy to think of all she ment to all of us. I am not sure I could even put into words what I am feeling right now. But I do want to share with all of you how extremely proud of my children I am right now. They all were here when Casey left this world and they all were more mature than I could have ever imagined. I know each of them is greiving, we ALL are but the way they handled the situation is beyond explanation. Makes me realize how grown up they really are. It also shows me that God was with this family last night(and always). Wow, I am sure any of you reading this are thinking I have lost my mind. I am sure I have been rambling, cause I really can’t figure out what to say, so I guess I will be done. Thanks for all the love and support everyone has shown. You can’t even begin to imagine how much it means. We miss our little white puppy sooooo much!!!!! Love you Casey Casey!!! So glad you are not in pain anymore. Love to all, I will try to be more coherant next time I attempt to blog. Love, Wendy


It is me again

March 6th, 2009

Well, all is well here in Fort Collins. We are a little sad that our Big B has moved beck to Casper, but know it is for the best! We all wish you well Branman,but miss you very much already. Nate is much the same. He has a bad case of senioritess, but we went through that with B too! He is planning on wrestling in nationals in Denver the end of this month we are very excited that he has not givin up, cause we all know what a great wrestler he is. Courtney is busy with volleyball at the school, she does great, don’t let her fool you. But I know her first love is me, oh wait I mean softball. Keegan is working hard at his next season which is baseball. Can’t wait to see what that little munchkin will do in the future, he is such a natural athlete. Well Tony and I are the same, just trying to keep our heads above water. Who would have thunck it would be this crazy! Well I guess that is all for now, cause I have to go get ready for a fundraiser for Keegan’s baseball team. Love you all and hope all is well!!!!! Love the almost forty year old.


Another day

February 27th, 2009

Well all is going well in Lecherville. Tony stlill has a job, for this we are very thankkful. Brandon is still planning on coming back to Casper in the very near future, we are glad about that, but on the other hand we are not so sure. We will miss him lots!!!!!! Best of luck to you Big B, hope everything goes as planned. Nate, welll your guess is as good as mine. He always has something up his sleeve. I sure hope he realizes how inmportant it is to have a plan. But not sure he does!!! Natie had an awesome year at wrestling this year, he just has not figured that out yet! I understand that when you don’t do what you are expected to do it is very difficult, but he will see the light soon, I hope! I believe he will have many oppertunities to wrestle in college if he so choices. We hope he does, so it won’t cost so much. Well, little sis is doing just great. She has been very busy with volleyball try-outs. She is an amazing athelet, so we are sur she will make the team. (varsity if I am guessing).Keegan is getting ready for all state wrestling, he has to weigh in tonight. All seventy four pounds of him. He is such a great kid, we are very proud. Everyone sy a prayer for him to do well. We apperciate all the help we can get. Well our neice Ashley is dancing ing Billlings this weekend, we wish her the very best! Although she really does not need it, because she is awesome as it is. Good Luck Ashley!!!!!! Well it has been very nice talking to you all I better get going now. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!


a moms love

February 24th, 2009

Just checking in and letting everyone know how proud of my children I am. First ther is Brandon, you all know he has been strugling with the decision as to go back to Casper, or stay in Fort Collins? Well he has made the choice to go back to school in Casper, for this we are very proud of him. He is truely an amazing young man, and we feel his choice will serve him well in the future. Great choice Big B, know we will miss you lots but support your decision. Next there is Nathan, well he is a much stronger person than his father and I are. We have both been trying to figure out why he did not place at the state wrestling tourament. But Natie has the right answers. Just that it was not in Gods plan. How mature is that? Much better than I!!!!!!! Nate we are so proud of you, you are awesome at all you do! Keep up the great work. Sissy, well she is busting her you know what at volleyball try-outs. She is great because she always gives 100 percent at all she does. We are proud of her too! Good luck Courtney Morgan, go for all your dreams! Just so you all know she is doing awesome at softball, she is an amazing young lady. And then there is Keegan, well he is going to wrestle in the all state tournament this weekend. Along with wrestling he is busy with baseball practice. He is such a natual at all he does we are sure he will be just fine. Well Tony and I are good too. Just busy trying to keep up. We sure love you all and can’t wait to be able to spend some time with everyont. Just don’t know when that will be. Love you all so much! See I am getting better at this blogging thing! Love, Wendy


State wrestling

February 19th, 2009

First, wanted to say the weather here in Fort Collins is very nice Ryan. Well Nathan wrestles his first match tonight at the Pepsi Center in Denver. I am on pins and needles. Everyone say a prayer for him. I am sure he will do great, as he has had a fantastic season so far! We will keep everyone posted. Wendy


believe it or not?

February 17th, 2009

Well, I guess I am going to try this blogging thing. Just touching base with everyone to let you all know what is going on in my world. (as crazy as it is.) Tony still has a job, this we are all thankful for. Me? Well I am still working three days a week doing hair, and staying pretty busy. Some days are better than others. Our Big B has given his notice at Mc Donalds here in Ft. Collins and is planning on moving back to Casper. We are going to miss him so much, even though we don’t see him as much as we would like, it is still nice to know he is near. His surgery is healing very well and if you have not seen him he is healing very nicely, he looks AWESOME!!!!!!! Nate is working hard in his senior year of high school and also getting ready for the state wrestling tournament. He is wrestling great and we can’t wait to see how he finishs the season. Boy, let me tell you it is sure hard to see this chapter in his life close. I think Tony and I are more nervous than he is. Courtney, is working hard in school, she is a great student and a beautiful young lady. And man can she play softball. She is amazing to watch. She would love to play for the Arizona Wild Cats someday. With her determination I am sure she can do it. Keegan, well he is just Keegan. Always on the go, and succeeding in all he does. He does great in school, and excels at sports.

Well I think I have rambled on enough for my first blog, ddon’t even know if I am doing this right! Guess we will see soon. Last but not least want too let all of you know that I love you all lots and thank God every day that you are apart of my life. THE MAIN PART!!!!!!!! Love always, Wendy