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May 14th, 2009

wow okayy so i havent been here for ever. i have been to caught up in facebook haha. oh and i must say softball and school. oh guess what 8.5 more days till i am out of that drama filled school! YES! cant wait. well guess what nate graduates in almost a week. wow where have all the days gone. i sure will miss him! NO JOKE!
Just like bee! wow keeg and i will be the only ones here…boring! jk keegan and i are mostly the only ones home with my mommy and daddy! well that will be fun i guess! and i like how nate is staying here in ft collins…wait i remember last night he was talking about chadrien and dickson college that is cool i guess. but another brother out of the state.. well i guess bee is this huge successful guy now! look at him. well i got to go!
~Life is a highway!~

Lil Sis

Your not the only one!!!!!!

May 8th, 2009

Well just wanted to take a minute to say HI to everyone. Dad your not the only one who comes to this page, I check it everyday now. I just haven’t taken the time to do any blogging. Everyone in Colorado is doing great, just really busy. Nate is giong away this weekend with his girlfriend Anna, and her family. They have a ranch about two and a half hours from here. Should be fun, I hope he behaves. Courtney has a softball tourney this weekend. Her team is doing fairly well, they will be better however when their coach returns.(he had back surgery) The girls play at a much higher intensity when Nick is there. Keegan is having a great baseball season. His team has only lost one season game. They play tonight, no tourney this weekend for him. Tony has been really busy with work and school. His last final is on Monday, so he will have a little more time when that is over. He is an amazing man, don’t know how he does it, but he does. Me, well all is the same. Love my family, MISS my Big B. and busy, busy!!!!!

Love to all……Wendy