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Another day

February 27th, 2009

Well all is going well in Lecherville. Tony stlill has a job, for this we are very thankkful. Brandon is still planning on coming back to Casper in the very near future, we are glad about that, but on the other hand we are not so sure. We will miss him lots!!!!!! Best of luck to you Big B, hope everything goes as planned. Nate, welll your guess is as good as mine. He always has something up his sleeve. I sure hope he realizes how inmportant it is to have a plan. But not sure he does!!! Natie had an awesome year at wrestling this year, he just has not figured that out yet! I understand that when you don’t do what you are expected to do it is very difficult, but he will see the light soon, I hope! I believe he will have many oppertunities to wrestle in college if he so choices. We hope he does, so it won’t cost so much. Well, little sis is doing just great. She has been very busy with volleyball try-outs. She is an amazing athelet, so we are sur she will make the team. (varsity if I am guessing).Keegan is getting ready for all state wrestling, he has to weigh in tonight. All seventy four pounds of him. He is such a great kid, we are very proud. Everyone sy a prayer for him to do well. We apperciate all the help we can get. Well our neice Ashley is dancing ing Billlings this weekend, we wish her the very best! Although she really does not need it, because she is awesome as it is. Good Luck Ashley!!!!!! Well it has been very nice talking to you all I better get going now. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!


i can do this

February 26th, 2009

ok so tomorrow is the last night of volleyball tryouts!!!! they only have 4 more girls to cut and so the coaches were talking to some of the girls like 6 i think and told them that they are the ones they are chosing from and guess what…i was not in that huddle! but i still am going to work super duper hard…but the bad thing is that three of my friends were in the huddle so that is the only hard thing about it. but this is what i heard from a friend so i can finally breathe though. like this whole thing has taken my breathe away. i have softball tonight to so i will be pretty tierd tonight. also the volleyball coach has me as a setter which i am so happy because i tried out to be a setter. well i still have to eat so i think i will do that before i go to softball i will talk to you all later!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Lil Sis


February 25th, 2009

Ok so the first cuts for volleyball was today….i survived….and i dont know if my friends are trying to be nice but they say i wont get cut…i hope they are true…and only god knows what is instore for me next…bee is coming over for dinner. that is good. and i have lots of homework to do but i dont really want to do it at all. i have history and i have to study for my science test which is like this csap type thing. i should probably go get started on that but I DONT WANNA lol. well i guess i will talk to you later and i will keep you all posted. Love you.
Live your life to the fullest!

Lil Sis

a moms love

February 24th, 2009

Just checking in and letting everyone know how proud of my children I am. First ther is Brandon, you all know he has been strugling with the decision as to go back to Casper, or stay in Fort Collins? Well he has made the choice to go back to school in Casper, for this we are very proud of him. He is truely an amazing young man, and we feel his choice will serve him well in the future. Great choice Big B, know we will miss you lots but support your decision. Next there is Nathan, well he is a much stronger person than his father and I are. We have both been trying to figure out why he did not place at the state wrestling tourament. But Natie has the right answers. Just that it was not in Gods plan. How mature is that? Much better than I!!!!!!! Nate we are so proud of you, you are awesome at all you do! Keep up the great work. Sissy, well she is busting her you know what at volleyball try-outs. She is great because she always gives 100 percent at all she does. We are proud of her too! Good luck Courtney Morgan, go for all your dreams! Just so you all know she is doing awesome at softball, she is an amazing young lady. And then there is Keegan, well he is going to wrestle in the all state tournament this weekend. Along with wrestling he is busy with baseball practice. He is such a natual at all he does we are sure he will be just fine. Well Tony and I are good too. Just busy trying to keep up. We sure love you all and can’t wait to be able to spend some time with everyont. Just don’t know when that will be. Love you all so much! See I am getting better at this blogging thing! Love, Wendy


1 down hopefully 4 to go

February 23rd, 2009

the first night of volleyball went amazing we did surving and that is all we had 5 balls to serve and i got only 5 over lol. so i got all of them lol. tomorrow will be sort or easy we are passing and setting. i want to be a setter so we will see how that goes. but i think i did pretty good. also school was school. my science teacher said it defeintally getting to the end of summer because we are starting rockets so that shoud be so much fun. im am gettng the rocket called yankee lol. it is pretty fair rocket. also nate is slowly getting over but i know it is a hard thing to get over i totally feel for him. also i had a outdoor practice sunday and that was so much fun lol. first we did some feilding and i started off at second and then he moved us to our secondary position and i was at catcher there so i guess that is pretty good… and so today was a slow day but fun in some parts. bee is getting excited he has 3 days left and keeg is working hard at wrestling and baseball. dad is working a little bit more that is a good sign i think. and mom is still working 3 days a week and is being taxi…dad is helping her and nate kind of is…(not really) he was sppose to take me to volleyball at 4:15 like that is when it started and i didnt get there till 4:25 i was so embarresed but i did good so hopefully he doesnt care about that one right know. hmmm…. cant really think of what else to say so idk what to right….hmmm….well i am going to watch the bachelor go melissa lol. i like her and not molly lol…molly is ok but i hope melissa wins…well got to go watch it love you all bye bye….

Lil Sis

I dont Wanna!!!!!

February 21st, 2009

So I have about 2 and half hours to go til I start my overnight shift at McDonalds. If there is one thing in this entire world that I truly hate, it is working these shifts! They absolutely just throw your entire day away and screw with the sleep pattern. But o well only one week and counting til I am out of there. Another thing that has been really bugging me is the people that I work with. The thought that goes through most people’s heads when they think of people that work in the Quick Serve Restaurant Industry is that the people there are stupid and can’t find “real” jobs. For the vast majority of these workers this is the farthest thing from the truth. But there are always those few who ruin it for the rest of the group, and let me tell you, I work with those stupid and incompetent people. Yesterday I have never been so mad at one of my employees EVER! The man, who will remain nameless, has to be the most idiotic, stupid, and disrespectful person I have ever had the “honor” of working with. After I put him in Back Cash he screws up three orders in a row, after assuring me that he was, quote “really quite good at it…”. SO then I move him back upfron to handout and he then proceedes to hand out two wrong orders and then the next two he forgets to hand out the entire orders, ON TWO ORDERS IN A ROW!!!!! I just wanted to walk out of that store and never look back. As I said however, all will be fine in just one week. I will be back in Wyoming and getting a new and better job. This other job will be as an Assistant Manager at Old Chicago’s in Casper and hopefully be the job I am looking for in this stage of my life. I am really looking forward to this and I hope that I get this job. On a completely different note, I am currently looking at doing some traveling. I have always wanted to travel the world and I was thinking the other day why not do it now, while I am young and I can financially do it? So I have been doing some surfing on the web and I put an entire week together in London with a day trip to Paris for roughly $1182.44. I think that it is a pretty good deal. So I am pretty sure that I am going to start prepping for it. I plan on a Sept. 09 departure date, leaving on my Birthday and coming back on the 19th. So we’ll see how that goes. Well I got to go finish getting ready, I’ll talk to you all later!

“You Must be the Change You Want to See in The World”

(A little quote I picked up from one of those “Inspirational” posters that hung in my Junior year Math class)


State wrestling

February 19th, 2009

First, wanted to say the weather here in Fort Collins is very nice Ryan. Well Nathan wrestles his first match tonight at the Pepsi Center in Denver. I am on pins and needles. Everyone say a prayer for him. I am sure he will do great, as he has had a fantastic season so far! We will keep everyone posted. Wendy



February 19th, 2009

oh goodness…i have the butterflies already…is that crazy or what??? but i have to tell grandma that a chuckwagon is a fundrasier that my softball team is doing. some country party type thing lol. we have like these donations that people gave to us and we are doing a silent octian or how ever you spell it. And everything is going good exept that this weekend will be pretty sad…watching nate in his last high school wrestling match…i still cant belive it… and yesterday night you know i was talking about how bee texted me he wanted to take nate keegan and i to the movies!!! we went and saw mall cop. it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G lol. and it was nice to finally just go and hang out will all my brothers. it was a pretty sweet night! anyways how is everyone??? i am doing good. mom good and nervous (like always before a tourney.) dad is good. nate is excited. keeg is doing pretty good is fighting some kind of sickness i guess…(i think he was just faking it.) and bee hmmm. i think last night he said he was good. so everyone is pretty much doing good lol. my dad is super happy cause he still has his job and his boss asked him to come and work on one of his weeks of so that is a plus… he is a super good worker lol. every wednesday pretty much he is up all night doing his homework for college and then goes to work then college then back to work then home to feed us all. he is a good papa. lol. well classes are going good. but i do have to say i HATE SPANISH. it is retarded… oh and i have a test tomorrow in it and also in english but that one will be a easy one hopefully. but i thing that is all for now…talk to you all later…love you and go NATE….
bye love you..

Lil Sis


February 18th, 2009

Can you belive it is already febuary of 09?? I cant… it sure does go by soo fast…but i sure am sad to have to watch nate move out sooner or later… and now bee is moving back…i just dont know how this will be with only one other brother in the house with me and with that he is younger than me. i guess it will be something new for me to try out. and tomorrow is the big day for NATE he is going to state and hopefully comes out with the state title. i will be praying for him hope everyone else does too. he is a great brother just like all the other ones! even tho the are sometimes mean to me i guess i can manage. i have for 13 years… almost 14 can you belive it i cant life sure does go by fast. and i fugured out how many days till i get my permit it is…i have to go get my planner for school hold on lol. ok it is 483 days. and till i get my jeep or 4runner (hopefully) it is 848 days oh i cant wait lol. that is wat i do in my 7th period class is just sit there and be bored. but i did fugure out how many days of school left too…63 days oh i cant wait…LOL but anyways i have a chuckwagon on friday… i dont get to go to the state on friday while keegan is out of school and eating dipping dots and watching everyone wrestle i get to be stuck at school then i get to go work at this chuckwagon with my team… so hopefully nate wins his match on friday cause then that means that he only wrestles once and then i get to only miss one match of his. well lets just make sure that he gets thru tomorrow first. i bet he will! he is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g wrestler. oh how everything comes to an end. that is a bummer lol. but everyone seems to be doing good here. i have not heard any complains… and tomorrow is thursday so that is another plus cause that means that the next day is friday. yeaaaaa. lol. i did my homework already so nothing else to really do so i thought i would come on and just chat a bit. tomorrow in science will be easy we are watching wallie lol. cant wait to see that. hey look who texted me… bee lol. well i will stop all this rambling…bye love you all.

Lil Sis

Article about Nate

February 17th, 2009

Coloradoan link on article about Nate’s wrestling:

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