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First blog

January 26th, 2009

This is my first blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☻☻☻☺☺i AM SO EXCITED! Wow I just now noticed that I am a pretty fast typer. Well I have to go. I hope everything is going well. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○♂▬!,7BMXco«▐M╝+Ü○xτW♣\│◙a╕☼g╬5£♥j╤8ƒ•♫§∟#*18?GÄ╒∟c¬±8⌂╟ÄU∟π¬q8 ╟ÄU∟π¬q8 I did all of these on the key pad. It took me 2 minutes two type this besides the simbals.



January 25th, 2009

hey!!!! It is working! yea! but ok so brandon juct brought me home from Fort morgan. i guess my 2nd cousin got married so we went and saw her and the groom and went to the reception. it was pretty fun lots of fun things to do. anyways i just checked email and guess what.?!.?! i got invited to the all star game for 2009! im so happy but im very nervous cause all the college coaches will be there and some will be our coaches. that is pretty sweet. Im mostly going for 2nd base but i guess they have my secondary position at short. i wish we could change that to catcher cause i like catching better! it is alot more funnier. i know i dont think that is a word but oh well. it is in my vocabulary. i guess i am going to try out for volleyball with my friend but we are just going to do it for fun. We both dont think we will make it. which is so fine with me cause i rather try out and not try out cause who knows i may make it. but anyways how is everyone doing havent really heard anything from people. Nate did amazing yesterday he got first in his tourney and keegan is wrestling today to hopefully become a champ too! but i need to go et ready for softball i will talk to you all soon. love you all!

Lil Sis

Hi to all

January 24th, 2009

This is really not Courtney, Grandma just signed in as her to see if I got this right.

Lil Sis

friday night

January 9th, 2009

Hey!!!!!! I am so happy that today is friday. It has been a long

first week back to school. i got my new schdule and it sucks.

I am switching out of photo, cause it doesnt intrest me at all.

And hopefully i will get a ta but who knows??? and my english class

they switched me out of my normal teacher so i want and need them

to switch me back into it cause it sucks being in this other class. So

hopefully by next friday my classes will be right and not some stupid

crap. But how is everyone doing. my family is pretty good. bee is healing

pretty fast. it is nice to have him living in colorado for a lil bit cause i sure

have missed him more than i would ever imagne. (HARD TO BELIVE) lol.

but right know keegan is on the internet on his itouch. he hasnt even let

me hold yet. what a pain in my but. but i still love him i guess. lol. mom and

dad watching tv. nate is in bed preparing for tomorrow. hope he wins. i would

love to see him win. And me im just sitting here texting and typing at the same

time haha. who knew that i could multi task???? softball…..where do i start???

Love it so much. i have been working on my catching. hopefully it pays off. and meaning

the posison. i dont think i spelt that right…it is ok it is late…not really but that

is my excuse lol. my coach said not a whole lot of bench time for me… YEA… i never

thought that i would be one of the best on my team. never thought that i was that

good. Also the fossil coach has been talking to me!!! He said that he wants me at

short but i think that i could beat out his second basemen cause i know who she is

and i could totally beat her lol. And i like second the best. i use to like catching the

best till i met up with second and didnt get to catch at all. that is ok at least i still

get to play my favorite sport. and so volleyball….lot of new girls who came to our

school who play volleyball so i have no clue if i want to try out. i mean i really do

but i am to scared that i will not make the team and everyone will make fun of me.

but maybe i will. i just have to keep thinking about it. also i love it to but not as much

as softball.  wow record lol. meaning my blog fairly long this time. so what is new with

everyone???? nothing really here. felt like we may have some moisture coming in on us

that is good. but it is about time for me to hit the hay so night to everyone and i love you

all and hope to see you all soon. and happy birthday to little b. she is 1 wow. i love her. well

bye talk to you all soon.

peace out


Lil Sis


January 8th, 2009

Hey whats up with everyone?!?!? i have not been on here for a while.

But that is not what i will be talking about lol. i have been very busy

with SCHOOL and softball and family things..Like b’s surgery and things

like that. but softball is going very good. i have not been practicing alot

since the break but i know it will come up. so far i have had one catching

practice and one conditioning thing. i would have another tonight but nate

has wrestling so i cant really be at 2 places at once. I wish i could but i am

not that talented yet….haha…and school…wow i HATE my first period class

it is photo… i dont have to take it so i wont because i do not want to be

a photographer when i grow up lol. so i think i will just come a T.A. or go

into adventure ed…sounds fun.everyone seems to like it so far and it is

outdoorsies type thing and kind of like a pe so maybe that would be fun.

but who knows????not me lol. well i was glad i got to see all you over my

break it was fun! well i am gonna go do some reading so talk to you all

later bye.


Lil Sis