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November 25th, 2008

ok so i did not know what to call this so i called it news! And Ryan yes i know i am the bomb.

LOL JK. and i am pretty proud of my self cause i have been very busy the las couple weeks

with softball and friends…also last night was the worst night of sleeps in years! i went to my

bed at nine and did not end up going to sleep tell twelve had no clue what was going on i

wish i could of gone to sleep tho cause i am very tired to day. i also had softball for 2 hours

which made me very tired also so know i am just hanging on a limb. haha. but that is ok

cause i made it through school and that is all i was hoping for… but also i get to sleep in

tomarrow! :) i am so happy for that! ok so how is everyone doing?? are you ready for

thanksgiving i sure am. cant wait to  see some of my family. also i really want a BIG dinner

that sounds yummy! and most of all i cant wait to see bee. it has been different here with

out him. i know that he wasnt here all the time but i knew that he at least lived here! but

everyone has to leave. this year is nate. o no i will be the oldest kid in the house! that may

be cool. and in a couple of years i will be able to drive! ok now i am talking about driving

so i will tell you wat car i want i want a four runner or a jeep cherokkee. ok well going to bed

good night and talk to you all later.

later gator!




Lil Sis

watching tv

November 24th, 2008

Hey!!! i am just sitting here at one of keegan and my’s friends. and we are

watching icarly. haha. keegan and i may go bowling tonight. i dont think i

will go because i have school tomarrow. so does keegan but he doesnt care

if he is tired. and he does not even have to wake up at 6 tomarrow i do!!

Just talked to grandma for a lil bit. she was talking about getting my familys

picture done in nebraska so she can get a BIG picture. also just watched bray

a lil bit! she is so cute. i love her to death. Tomarrow is my last day of school

tell monday!!! :) So far no homework!!! Yea!!! I cant wait to see all of you at

christmas i hope it is before but probably not. :( ok i wanted to change colors haha.

These colors go together. LOL ok i am off topic. so who is all ready to eat some yummy

food i am!!! I really want my mash potatos haha. Those sound… Yummy to my tummy

lol. but how is everyone??? i am doing fantastic. it sounds like i have 2nd base locked

up! go courtney go courtney!!! lol and i have a good batting average!!! My grades are

fantastic. i have a 4.0 go courtney go courtney lol. well got to go love you all!!!

Have an amazing thanksgiving!!!



Lil Sis

hey there

November 23rd, 2008

Heyy! just got done with softball…OUTSIDE it was freezing like none other. The people

didnt show up to open the place. Also i was looking at the emails. we may go to new

york in 2010 but it is still something that i hope i can do!!!! also there is nothing really

new here just the same! But i think i am going to go make pretzels yummy! peace!

p.s. happy thanksgiving!! only a couple days like.



Lil Sis

saturday night

November 15th, 2008

hey there… How is every one doing? i am doing fantastic. i had an amazing week. school was school so it was not to hard.

i had a big test that i did pretty good on. and it was in my hardest class. pre ap science. and just to add on he assigned

a 400 point project due the same day. so that was the only bad part but i think i did good on that too. anyways wat has

been happening everywhere???? this kind of sucks cause i dont like obama and he won :( kind of sucks. the next day all my

friends where making fun of me. but they where just kidding and i know that. ha ha. also i have one more full week of school

tell thanksgiving! i wont be in wyoming but i will be there for christmas…i think…i hope so… i dont really have anything

particular but 3 things. an i-home, something that will hook up to my ipod and play it… and the last 2 high school musical.

Hopefully the third one will be out. who knows???????? not i said the fly. ha ha. ok…and then just money and clothes!!!! pretty

good list to me. im not to picky this year ha ha. well i got home from a friends today then went to church, and then we went to

eat! nate is going to a dance tonight, keegan mom and dad are watching football….i think i will go join. Ha ha. love you all

and have a great night!

Lil Sis