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October 10th, 2008

I have not been on for so long. school is very busy and keeping me off the computer. Also today my junior high softball team went to go play webber for the district champions and we ended up not winning but we played very hard. it was very dissapointing but i guess that is how it goes. Also this week i have had a lot of test. two for spanish one for math and one for pre ap science. I think i did good on them! :) which is good. right know there is nothing on, which sucks since it is a friday night and chilly out. I still wish it was hott out. um havent heard much about Big B i hope he feels better all i know is that he was very sick:( which is pretty sad. hope he is better. havent heard from many so how is everything??? well i think i may just go sit down and watch tv and go to bed so good night to everyone and hope to see everyone all very soon.



P.S. Hope b feels better love you!

Lil Sis