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September 13th, 2008

Saturday was really fun today, we went to keegans football game. They won and keegan got the first touch down of the game and season. Go keegan lol.

Also i met up with some of the girls and my coach at anytime fitness. It is going to be sweet because during the winter im going to be able to work

out with them so that will be fun. Also today after all this we went up to the mountains and had a picnic and went hiking. Just like we use to do

with the whole family, but today was just with mom, dad, keegan, casey, and ME! lol. We stayed up there for three hours and had a bunch of fun.

Then we came home and keeg and i went around the block on our roller blades it was amazing! Well that is all and im going to watch the rockies,

i hope they win! Love you all and have a good night.



Lil Sis

I miss my BIG B

September 2nd, 2008

It sure is weird not having brandon here at all. It is very sad!!!:( But anyways i hope

i get to see him soon cause he is like one of my best friends. When i need help i can

look to my older brother but know that he is gone i can only talk to him over phone.

I wonder how work is going. How college is going.  This is weir but i miss having little

fights with him lol. I guess this is just how my life goes. Anyways on the good side i

made varsity for softball it was pretty sweet! Also i had this meeting with my new team

and it was pretty fun. But it is almost time for bed so better go get ready!!! Love you all

and have a nice week. Hope god gives you as many miarcles as you would like!

<3 miss you b love you lots!



Lil Sis