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Home sweet home

August 8th, 2008

  Hey i really am glad that i am at my house!! I mean i love grandmas house but i miss my mom and dad alot.

But this is funny cause when i am at my house i miss being at my grandmas house so it is so confusing lol.

Brandon is i dont know where, Nate is leaving for andrews very soon, Keegan is trying to wrestle my dad, so

you know what he is doing and my mom is just watching tv. Today we went to our new target it is really nice

buy very excpensive. It looks like we have a nice outside mall coming. A mall closer, hopefully it has all my stores

lol. Well im going to got bond with the family so bye bye!!


Lil Sis

softball problem

August 4th, 2008

    Hey im just sitting here at grandpas computer waiting tell we go get clothes for keegan and i cause we did not think that we would be here this long but we are. We are going to go meet up with my mom some time on friday so we can go home before my try outs. Whoo, cant wait. Im trying out for nc xplosion and the buckaroos. Both coaches have already talked to me about playing for them so i cant decide which one i really want to play for. I really like the bucks colors and i think that having a girl coach would be fun, cause i have never played for a competitive girl coach. But i have already played for the other coach last year and man did we do good. And for the bucks i would be with all the people i have played with since to years ago and this year, and xplosion has 2 people that i know but those girls are weird more like a big girly girl. And all the other people i would have meet and so i just do not know who i should play for!?!?!?



Lil Sis