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My First

April 19th, 2008

Ok so here is my first official blog posting. As I am writing this I am over at my friend’s house watching Animal Planet. We are waiting to start watching  the tv show House. It’s a medical drama and it has become one of my favorites. Its always nice to take the afternoon off and just relax and have some down time. I havent been getting a lot of that lately so it is nice when it happens. There is just so much going on right now that its hard to find some time for myself and for other around me. Between work, school, and graduation planning it makes life fly by quick. I am not sure yet if this is good or not but I do know it does go by VERY fast. Work is going well except I seem to find myself having to battle everyday to make sure that I am taken seriously. So I guess I just need to put a little more effort into it. School is ok, just ready for it to be done. I think that is it for tonight, the pizza is done and it smells great! Talk to you later!

Lil Sis