Never came yesterday!

June 21st, 2009

Well I was wrong again, surprise surprise!!!! Yep never came yesterday in the form of a four pound nine week old shihchon male. And let me tell you he is already winning the hearts of all. Titan joined our family abourt four p.m. yesterday. Courtney and I said he was Tony’s fathers day present, but Tony said he thinks he is more of a Families day present.(Tony is probably right, but don’t let him fool you, he likes Titan too.) We all still miss our little Casey dog, and agree that Titan has big paws to fill but he is worming his way into all our hearts anyways!!!! So you see never say never, cause for me NEVER came yesterday

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May 14th, 2009

wow okayy so i havent been here for ever. i have been to caught up in facebook haha. oh and i must say softball and school. oh guess what 8.5 more days till i am out of that drama filled school! YES! cant wait. well guess what nate graduates in almost a week. wow where have all the days gone. i sure will miss him! NO JOKE!
Just like bee! wow keeg and i will be the only ones here…boring! jk keegan and i are mostly the only ones home with my mommy and daddy! well that will be fun i guess! and i like how nate is staying here in ft collins…wait i remember last night he was talking about chadrien and dickson college that is cool i guess. but another brother out of the state.. well i guess bee is this huge successful guy now! look at him. well i got to go!
~Life is a highway!~

Courtney Lil Sis

Your not the only one!!!!!!

May 8th, 2009

Well just wanted to take a minute to say HI to everyone. Dad your not the only one who comes to this page, I check it everyday now. I just haven’t taken the time to do any blogging. Everyone in Colorado is doing great, just really busy. Nate is giong away this weekend with his girlfriend Anna, and her family. They have a ranch about two and a half hours from here. Should be fun, I hope he behaves. Courtney has a softball tourney this weekend. Her team is doing fairly well, they will be better however when their coach returns.(he had back surgery) The girls play at a much higher intensity when Nick is there. Keegan is having a great baseball season. His team has only lost one season game. They play tonight, no tourney this weekend for him. Tony has been really busy with work and school. His last final is on Monday, so he will have a little more time when that is over. He is an amazing man, don’t know how he does it, but he does. Me, well all is the same. Love my family, MISS my Big B. and busy, busy!!!!!

Love to all……Wendy

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And The World Keeps GOING!

March 29th, 2009

I am sitting here not sure what is quite going on here. I seem to be just lounging around lately with no sense of direction or purpose. There has been a lot of “growing up” that I have been having to do lately and it seems that in life you never stop these changes. Well enough about that…lol. So tomarrow I step into the world of Banking one more time as I have just recently accepted a position with Hilltop National Bank. I will be a Revolving Credit Representative, which means I will be involved with approving and denying credit card applications and such things. I think I am really going to enjoy it, but what the hey, if I dont love it, I am in LOVE with the hours, Monday thru Friday, 8-5. You cant beat that as a 19 year old college kid! Speaking of College I guess that I should start taking a look at the those classes at night and online. This should be interesting, I have always wanted to try online classes so I think this could be fun! My trip to England is still in the works, I have found a place and the airline, now I just have to find the money! lol. I am really excited about this, I think that I am going to have blast over and also have a lot of fun. I have always wanted to do something like that. Well Mom turned 40 yesterday, wow Ma your old!!! Speaking of her, gets me thinking how truly blessed I am to have such great parents. My mother is the most caring and loving person I have ever met in my life! I as a child have had to go through some stuff that know child or family should ever have to go through. Luckily for me there was a woman by my side every step of the way! From my very first surgrey to the most recent in December. This woman was my mother and without her I know I probably wouldn’t have made it through so much. Mom has always been my rock and she has always tried to guide me in the right direction, even if it just made me mad! I LOVE this woman with everything in my heart! My father IS the greatest man alive, I say that with all that these two have given me. Lord knows that I have given these people their punishment (for their acts as children, lol) and more. We have gone through some pretty serious things over the years, but I have just recently realized that there are no two other people I would want to call Dad and Mom, besides Tony and Wendy Lecher. They are my favorite two people in the entire world. Well I am kind of hungry so I think I will go make a wrap and then maybe, just maybe I will try to organize my room! Love to all!


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happy birthday MOM

March 28th, 2009

well today is moms birthday.
she is 40 lol
i have only known her for 13 almost 14 years and she is amazing!
She is the best mom ever.
i love her so much!
she means the world to me!
this is just wat she means to me.
i dont really have the time to blog lol.
well i better keep saying lol.
havent been doing it lately lol.
going to the mall so mom can go shopping.
then to church.
then she is going to the chop house with a bunch of people.
all is good here.
love you
and have an amazing day.
talk to you later.

Courtney Lil Sis

snow day

March 27th, 2009

Yesterday it started to snow but we ended up having to go to school. there was one point that i looked out the window and i saw nothing but white. it was a white out! and then around 9:50 the principal came on and anounced school was going to end at 11:35. so we stayed in our third period class tell the bell and then i went to lunch for like 10 minutes. and nate came to get me. today at 5:30 the district said that there was no school today so we have a snow day today. it is my third one of them. one in first at my old house and then 2 here.
Ok so my phone was ringing and so i looked at it and it was bee! i answered and it sounded like something was wrong so i asked him if something was wrong and he was no…he was happy…he got the job at hilltop in casper. i just thought it was funny cause he called me and asked for mom. hey thanks for showing the love lol. well i havent really been on here for awhile cause it has been a hard couple weeks.
It is so different now. so i was out shoveling and i opened the door and i was like wait shut it before casey gets out and then it hit me that my little baby is in a box:( she wont run away. i think that was the hardest time during this snow experince is knowing that casey wasnt coming out to play.
Anyways on to some good news. volleyball i am playing jv setter and i am starting everygame and havent came out yet. and so varstiy is playing a 6-2 and jv is playing a 4-2 and the varsity coach came over to me and he said that varsity isnt doing good with the 6-2 and he said they may go to a 4-2 and if they do he wants me to be the main setter for varsity cause i have the skill and i am athletic and i can dump the ball over if i need to. i thought that was some really good news.
well everyone in this household is doing good. got to go and finish getting ready

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another day of spring break

March 18th, 2009

Ok so just to think that last year today i was in the grand canyon or somewhere around there. well i think that we were hiking today but who knows. i wish i was there or on a cruise cause this spring break is kind of boring. but i guess it is ok just to sit down and relax. and to try to recover from my loss. well nate finally came home. wow i havent seen him for ages lol jk. he is turning in to a bee lol. and me i have ran and taken some walks just to keep in shape since volleyball is not going on after school. i have softball today and tomorrow. on sunday we are suppose to be scrimmaging lol. the colorado stars joy. they are the ones that we went into over time for the championships and i scored the winning run. that was fun. i cant wait till april 11 that is our first tourney of the 2009 season. hope it starts out well. i bet it will. well i am gonna go outside. it is beautiful day. love you all and have a great rest of the day.
cant wait to see you all in may. hopefully i will be there for a little i have a tournement and we dont have many kids so i need to be there well love you all.

Courtney Lil Sis

piecing back together

March 16th, 2009

ok so after a loss in the lecher house my heart is slowly piecing back together. all my friends have been so nice about it and they are all giving me destractions to do. that is good. but as i sit here typing thinking about what to do i remembered that grandma and lil b are suppose to be here. there is the knock. got to go bye love you all.

Courtney Lil Sis

I MISS HER SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 14th, 2009

This dog ment everything to me. I love her so much. Everyday I see the ashes sit on the mantal and I start balling. She was perfect. She never parked bit anyone she was just AWESOME!!! I just miss her so much! I got a paw print and a chunck of her hair and I can’t look at them without balling. She was my best friend. She was a person who I could talk to when I was sad and even when I was mad. That dumd dog. That was no dumb dog. When she started to stay in my moms closet for ever I knew that it was time. I never thought that day would come. When we went to the cremation place and I saw all of the graves ov other animals I just started to cry. When I saw the hair of the dog I started to cry. When I saw my sister have the ashes in her hands I had to turn away so no one could see me cry. When my dad came in and he was even started to cry. I have never seen my dad cry because he was always a tough man. I wish I could see that white hair ball again. I wish I could feel her fer again. I MISS HER SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. She left to early. Casey you left to early. I know you are out of your pain and I know god is taking really good care of you. Make sure that you play with maggie well and don’t get to fat from great Grandma’s homemade cookies. Lol Know that we love you and that we all miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( I want to see you again. I love her so much. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is doing fine and remember God is taking care of us and Casey, Maggie, and Great Grandma Cookie. Grandma Cookie take good care of the dogs but don’t get them to fat.

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March 13th, 2009

Cayse Cayse

Well, as I sit here I don’t even really know what to say. I watched Courtney blog this morning and was in awe that she could write anything. When I questioned her about it she answered it was a good way to express her feelings. What an amazing young lady!!!! As you all are aware of our family had to say good bye to an important part of our family last night, Casey Dumbdog. Dumb she was not. That little girl brought more joy and happiness to us all, she will be greatly missed. It is crazy to think of all she ment to all of us. I am not sure I could even put into words what I am feeling right now. But I do want to share with all of you how extremely proud of my children I am right now. They all were here when Casey left this world and they all were more mature than I could have ever imagined. I know each of them is greiving, we ALL are but the way they handled the situation is beyond explanation. Makes me realize how grown up they really are. It also shows me that God was with this family last night(and always). Wow, I am sure any of you reading this are thinking I have lost my mind. I am sure I have been rambling, cause I really can’t figure out what to say, so I guess I will be done. Thanks for all the love and support everyone has shown. You can’t even begin to imagine how much it means. We miss our little white puppy sooooo much!!!!! Love you Casey Casey!!! So glad you are not in pain anymore. Love to all, I will try to be more coherant next time I attempt to blog. Love, Wendy

Wendy Wendy